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Benvenida Tempura de lluvias

Welcome rainy season! This month we are entering rainy season in Santa Teresa, which is exciting for a few reasons.

  • Planting! Here I am with a Guanabana (soursop) tree and an orange tree. Getting ready to put them in the ground. In the perfect Santa Teresa gardening outfit of a bikini and rainboots. Rainy season means the jungle gets to rebound to its natural state of lush greenery and bountiful fruits. After four months of no rain in this part of Costa Rica, its a pleasure to smell the wet earth again.

  • Winter swells! This time of year means some stronger swells coming in. That means our favorite point breaks that have been flat the rest of the year are starting to work with nice long breaking waves and easy paddle outs that our begginer and more advanced students love. More advanced surfers can find barrels and overhead waves at the beach breaks.

  • Even more gorgeous sunsets. This time of year the rain is usually only in short bursts in the evenings. The days are dry with a bit of cloud cover. At sunset the clouds streaking through the sky are lit up with oranges, purples and pinks.

  • Bioluminescence. This time of year there are bioluminescent microorganisms in our oceans the can be seen at night. Many night tours our offered where you can see the brightly blue neon water.

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