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Building Pura Vida

Updated: May 25, 2021

Welcome to our pura vida blog! It seems fitting for the first post to be the wonderful story of how we came to be. I´ll try my best to keep it short but this is no simple story so let´s see.

It all starts with Victor, the initial owner and operator of Pura Vida Surfers who had been living in Santa Teresa for many years. He had done surf lessons almost his entirely life while surfing professionally in international competitions. He always dreamed of owning a place of his own to give travelers a dedicated space to learn surfing. After meeting his current wife, Elena, and sharing his idea she was on board immediately. They teamed up with Victors brother, Rubin, and partner, Julia and decided to make it happen. After almost a year of planning, saving, and a few bumps along the way, they offically purchased there own piece of land in October 2019!

The property had three exisiting structures, all needing a lot of love and renovation. Remodeling on a tight budget, they did much of the construction and design themselves. From tearing down walls to putting the final coat of paint, they have learned and accomplished more than ever expected and can truely see the camp as an extension of themselves.

When the Covid-19 pandemic forced Costa Rica’s borders to close in May 2020 it was an uncertain time, but they kept building, determined to achieve their dream. Along the way Rubin and Julia had a beautiful baby boy named Damian born December 2020. Construction finished January 2021. Elena and Victor were married in Feburary 2021. We are so thankful for everyone that helped along the way. The surf camp is filled with memories, artwork and love from travelers from all over the world. We are truely blessed and our hope is to share the joy that surfing and the town of Santa Teresa has brought us with everyone that comes to visit!

Pura Vida


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